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Kapellen, Belgium

Chicks On Waves offers surf and yoga retreats in Burgau in the south-west of the Algarve, Portugal. It was designed by surfer girls for surfer girls.

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from US$982
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7 days / 6 nights

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Camilla is an English yoga instructor who lives in the Algarve since many years. She is a passionate yogini.


Hailing from Norway, Chrissy is a surf instructor who is always happy and in for a laugh. She is a great coach.


Tatjana is Portuguese and a great coach and motivator. She will teach you to surf in no time !

Testimonials 10

  • Mohamed Blkadi Morocco

    Chicks on Waves' Facebook page

    Amazing place. Great staff. Nice people.

  • Michaela Kis Germany

    Chicks on Waves' Facebook page

    Great house, great people, great food, great teachers - friggin' fun!

  • Luca Michaletzky Hungary

    Chicks on Waves' Facebook page

    I had an amazing week here with great girls, delicious meals, and wonderful surfing on the beaches of Algarve! Thanks for all, see you next year!

  • Iris Wagner

    Chicks on Waves website

    To put it in a nutshell, the surf camp with Chicks on Waves in Portugal was one of the best holidays I have ever had. It was so much fun to be out there in the ocean surrounded by unspoiled nature, feeling the power of waves underneath my board, and the sun in my face. And even better, I could share this experience with like-minded and open-hearted women who became close friends in just one week. Together, we had a great time no matter where we were or what we did; catching waves, relaxing on the beach, practicing yoga, indulging in delicious food, or chatting for hours under a clear starry sky. (Okay, there were a few mosquitoes there, too, to keep us company, but they dont count.) A big thanks goes to our surfing instructors who never lost their patience when we kept falling off the board, and happily joined us in our excitement when we finally managed to stand on it! And an even bigger thanks to Katrien for organizing the camp and making this holiday possible. You did much more for us than we had expected! We will surely be back!

  • Wendy van den Bersselaar

    Chicks on Waves website

    Back home and still cant get the smile of satisfaction off my face. My Chicks on Waves yoga and surf week was amazing! From the first moment we arrived, it made me realize that life is good, and I finally mastered the art of catching, getting up, and riding a bunch of waves. Im hooked, surfing is amazing, and this trip was just the beginning of a new direction! Thank you to everyone that was involved! See you again next year!

  • Debora Martins

    Chicks on Waves website

    It was all too good! Nothing to complain about. Thank you so much for all work behind (and in front) the scenes. Special place, special people, amazing sea, landscape, and food. Great vibe. Missing it all!

  • Chris Vandecasteele

    Chicks on Waves website

    Chicks on Waves was amazing! Thank you Katrien for organizing this awesome camp, I had the best time ever! I hope to see you all again in March for the second edition!

  • Annelies Thomaes

    Chicks on Waves website

    Super fine holiday that was both active and relaxing. Thanks!

  • Babs van Vliet

    Chicks on Waves website

    Chicks on Waves rocks! Thanks for a great week, Kat! It was amazing! I miss everything already, I think I am addicted to surfing now. Enjoy your time and see you soon!

  • Linda Knoester

    Chicks on Waves website

    I was there, on the very first Chicks on Waves camp! I improved my surfing skills, saw a totally different culture, and had a lot of fun!

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