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Centro Upaya

At Centro Upaya they are committed to sharing the most helpful methods to lead a meaningful and awaken life. The core activities are meditation, yoga, non-violent communication, and focusing.

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Rita Lisbon

Centro Upaya

Having meditation, yoga and surfing, in such a beautifully green and blue location and with such wonderful people, was even better than I had expected. I felt lucky, grateful and alive. Moreover, even though it wasn't a meditation only retreat, had some important insights. It's truly worthwhile and the connection with nature was also very healing.

Guilherme Lisbon

Centro Upaya

I have attended this retreat twice and it is always a different journey, a different experience, different energy. On both occasions there was a common theme: you live the most incredible experiences in one of the most incredible places on earth. This is a place where you really disconnect from daily life and connect with nature, with peace and above all, with yourself. My suggestion is to go open minded, switch off cell phones and fully connect with this magic place and be present on the retreat with the amazing guidance from Sagara and Ana. Its an experience you wont forget and for sure will touch you in a way that really changes you for good. Enjoy!

Fernando Lisbon

Centro Upaya

The retreat unfolds amidst an enchanting scenery where the elements come together to helps us feel “the body stable as a mountain, the heart deep like the sea and the mind vast as the sky

Susana Lisbon

Centro Upaya

It was a wonderful and peaceful week, during which I could enjoy doing some of what I love most: surfing, yoga and meditation. I met some fascinating people, amongst them, Ana and Sagara (our teachers). Together, they enabled a week of cleansing and recharging, both body and mind - I really needed that. The place itself is unique, the surrounding nature is breathtaking, you really feel on island away from the rest of the world. Thank you.

Luis Lisbon

Centro Upaya

I attended the 2014 retreat. It is an amazing place in luxurious and immaculate nature. I really enjoyed the whole group I was with - the teachers, the participants and the rest of the staff. The yoga practice helped me recover and stay supple for the surf sessions. The ocean temperature is really pleasant and the water is so transparent. Sagara’s led the meditations help bringing presence and appreciation to everything that is happening. Food has healthy and delicious. I’m grateful for having had this experience.

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