Carving Surf School

In Carving Surf School, all students benefit from an education adapted to their necessities, including those who have special educational needs. Also, Carving Surf School provides surfing classes.

Instructors 3

Roberto Pire Fidalgo

Roberto has a diploma in business administration from the University of Oviedo and he is a stand-up paddle instructor by the Spanish Surf Federation and the Stand Up Paddle International Organization. Mountain bike monitor and guide by Escuela Española and Una Estrella diver by the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities. A resident of Muros de Nalón, where he spends most of his time. A passionate practitioner of any type of sport, especially surfing, and passionate about his region, his people and the landscapes.

Héctor Peláez Acebal

Héctor is a national surf coach level I and surf trainer level I by ISA (International Surfing Association). His achievements are the third position in the European Championship with Spain's surfing national team (EuroSurfing 2007), the fifth position in the European Senior Surfing Championship (EuroSurfing 2007). Also, he is passionate about nature and especially the sea.

Mario Pire Fidalgo

Mario has a degree in lifesaving and first aid at the Federación Asturiana de Salvamento. He was a senior year student in the school of accounting and finance with working experience as a lifeguard on the beach of Aguilar. He is also crazy for surf.

Testimonials 1

Carade Yonofui

Carving Surf School Facebook page

Roberto y Hèctor son excelentes profesionales además de bellísimas personas con mucha experiencia en manejar niños. Si quieres que tus hijos pasen unas vacaciones inolvidables en un ambiente sano donde van a estar bien cuidados no dudes en apuntarles a Carving. Mi hija de 7 años ya está pidiendo repetir el año que viene. Gracias Sandra y su madre Marga

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