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Santa Catalina, Brazil

Brazil Ecojourneys is an incoming tour operator specialized in South Brazil. The team is based in Florianopolis, a place that they love.

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from US$1,496
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8 days / 7 nights

Speaks English

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from US$1,368
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8 days / 7 nights

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Capitão David

David is the founder of Capitão David surf school. It is the oldest in all of Rosa. He has taught generations of beginners and trained some serious surfers.

Ernesto Hecker

Ernesto is a physical education graduate with more than 15 years’ experience of teaching surf in Brazil and Australia.

Testimonials 11

  • Arlene Smith Canada

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    We just came back from a tour in Brazil organized by Lesley from Brazil Ecojourneys and it was definitely one of the best vacations we have ever had. From the moment we arrived in Brazil we were looked after. Lesley met us at the airport and from that moment on our vacation continued without a hitch. All our accomodation, our guides and our activities met our needs perfectly. When Lesley said that she was available to help us 24-7 if we had any problems, we knew that was indeed the case. I would recommend Brazil Ecojourneys to anyone planning on going on a vacation in Southern Brazil. Thank you Lesley for a great vacation.

  • Sandra Foulds and Family United Kingdom

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    This trip gave us all an experience that surpassed expectations.

    Our guides spoke very good English, were very knowledgeable & enthusiastic about the history, culture and environment that we cycled through, that every view, taste, sound and smell had enhanced meaning. They were very patient with the children and overall looked after us very well. The food was all perfectly in tune with the trip- we sampled lots of local produce (even the children!).

    In summary: stunning views, in touch with the real Brazil, excellent food, great company. An amazing holiday!

    Must see what else we can arrange with you.


  • Priit Pahapill Estonia

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    I want to thank you for all the kind assistance you offered in putting together our trip in Brazil, it wouldn’t have been the same without your help. Mata Atlantica was superb and Mati, Katri, my mom were very happy with their trip to Iguazu.

  • Dorothy Garland United Kingdom

    Brazil Ecojourneys

    Hi Marta

    Seems ages, now, since we were in Brazil, but we have some fabulous photos to enjoy, and to bring back all the wonderful memories.

    We had such a great time, not least in the Serra Geral.

    Iguacu was also fantastic. Despite lack of water in some of the cataracts, the Devil’s cataract was still absolutely stunning. We loved it.

    Thank you again for ensuring we had such a great time and for coming to see us off, the morning we left. It was lovely to meet you and enjoy your company.

    All best wishes

  • Alastair and Julia Hoare United Kingdom

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    Dear Marta,

    Julia and I found your company on the internet and did not know what to expect, but your efficiency and judgement were excellent. The holiday exceeded all expectations.

    The organization was perfect and we like to think that Thomas and Raphael became friends, not just guides.

    You linked the Iguaco Falls, the Serra do Mar train journey, our stay at Morretes & our time in the Sebui lodge to a great holiday but whilst all places had their great parts the three days at Sebui really hit the spot.

    The Iguaco Falls are amazing. The Cataratas hotel in the National Park is a must to avoid the crowds, and the beer from Kurts micro brewery at the Pousada Graciosa in Morretes is worth a detour for!

    However, we will not forget the long boat ride through the mangroves into the wilderness of the Sebui rainforest and then the walk to the accommodation& our luggage arriving by canoe and wheelbarrow! As you would expect, it’s basic but our hut was sufficient & the food wholesome. (Barbecued oysters collected from a fisherman whilst on our return from a canoe trip were the best I’ve tasted.) Since Raphael is an ornithologist, the walks into the forest came alive, and on a hot day the swims in the waterfall pools were experiences to remember. My advice to travellers, forget the Amazon and the other tourist hits, and head south to the rainforest!

  • Craig, Margareth, and Nicholas Norway

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    We gave Marta some dates and some wishes, and she set us up with a fantastic itinerary for our family in Bonito, the Pantanal and a couple of great days in Rio. Exciting nature, birds, snorkeling, great lodgings and great food. Can’t wait to do it again.

  • Trent Seager United States

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    We wanted to write and let you know what a great time we had in Brasil. Muita obrigada por todos! Going out to the Serra Geral was our favorite part. The long day hike with Luis was a great start to our journey down there, talking about ecosystems, pumas, trees, ecology, Brazilian people, the culture, politics and food.

    We look back on that day as one of the best. The Pantanal was beautiful. We saw lots of birds, like over 115 species, and literally thousands of individuals. We got to see Howler Monkeys, an anaconda, and nesting birds right outside our cottage. I got to see lots of hawks and falcons, and I loved that!

    We loved Brazil, in a large part thanks to you and the great tours you got for us. Thank you so much!

  • Nancy Bower and Lindsey Quesinberry United States

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    We have used Brazil Ecojourneys services twice in traveling to Santa Catarina, Brazil and have been very pleased.

    Our most recent trip included hiking in the mountains and a stay at the beach.

    Brazil Ecojourneys recommended a fine lodge in which to stay in the mountains. The natural beauty of the area is stunning. The lodge, Rio de Canoas, is charming and well-equipped. The food at the lodge was wonderful and our hosts were very friendly. We had several very nice hikes from the lodge to places of great beauty, accompanied by a very competent and friendly local guide.

    For our stay at Rosa Beach, Brazil Ecojourneys arranged for us to stay at Caminho do Rei, a charming bed and breakfast with stunning views of the beach and surrounding countryside. Our hosts were so friendly, the food was delicious and plentiful, and we plan to return as soon as we can.

  • Jeffrey Lewis United States

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    Wow! what a great trip! Thank you, Marta, for organizing a very memorable trip for all of us who made the journey. A gay all time was had by all. (US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina were all represented).

  • Gabriel Argentina

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    For the past few years I have been wanting to take some time off to learn how to surf, but due to hectic work responsibilities and not finding others with the same interest my plans got delayed.

    Then, one day browsing on, I was surprised and happy to find out that Brazil Ecojorneys organized trips for surfers and also welcomed all beginners of all ages who are willing to begin with this amazing sport with the only requirement being enthusiastic.

    All of a sudden Ecojourneys presented an opportunity to make this happen and I decided it was time to accept the challenge. I enrolled in 2013 surf trip, it took place in the perfect spot (beautiful Florianopolis in Brazil), with an amazing group of people from all over! There are classes for different levels so each surfer learns at his own pace.

    The day activities are perfectly combined: couple of hours taking classes and surfing in the sea, then some yoga, delicious food plus time for new friends and socials!. Meeting others who shared the same passion for surf had a direct impact in my motivation and now, I can't wait for every weekend I can to lay footprints on the sand and taking a plunge with my surfboard.

  • Paul Tate United States

    Brazil Ecojourneys website

    My dear Marta,

    I still remember with the fondest affection the wonderful time I spent in Florianopolis. In fact, I am very homesick.

    Meeting you at the airport and becoming acquainted with you and your professional life during the short drive to the Hotel Ibis was, indeed, a highlight of my visit. What a wonderful and welcoming introduction to a beautiful place and a life-sustaining experience.

    Thank you so much for the support and the research you did in my behalf to make my trip there so very, very enjoyable, enriching, and entertaining. And thank you for providing Tony to assist me. He was very pleasant to be with and was most helpful, caring, and supportive.

    No doubt about this: I will be returning, and I will be in touch with you when that time comes.

    With all good wishes and best regards.

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