Bodie's School of Surf

Bodie's School of Surf is a combination of a surf and windsurfing school for beginners and intermediates which also promotes the opportunity to experience the other surf disciplines.

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From water baby to waterman! Having grown up in a house by the beach, there was only one path in life for young Bodie and learning to swim at the same time he was learning to walk was evidence of that. By age nine, Bodie was learning to windsurf. At age 13, he was learning to surf and as an already accomplished windsurfer, he began working as a part-time instructor during the summer holidays for international windsurf center Club Mistral.


Rusty is one of Bodie's lifelong friends and an extremely experienced windsurf instructor, having worked as a branch manager and instructor at Club Mistral for nearly 15 years until its closure on the island. A talented windsurfer / surfer himself, Rusty is another of the islands well known "watermen" having also worked as a scuba instructor and manager of the watersports division at a number of south coast hotels during his years. Rusty oversees all the windsurf rentals and shares the windsurfing tuition responsibilities. As a long time instructor, Rusty also has a great passion for teaching. He carries with him a wealth of experience in the sport and you won't meet a friendlier face on the island or anyone with longer dreadlocks!

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James R.

TripAdvisor website

Awesome Experience!

The instructor was amazing! He was very informative and very down to earth! I had an excellent time; I will never forget! Now, I wanna go surfing all time!

Lavinia F.

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Fantastic experience

Bodie was fantastic! This was a brilliant afternoon. Brodie was a great teacher and having never surfed before put us at ease taking the time to explain everything, we felt we were in safe hands. We would definitely book again on our next visit to Barbados. If you’re unsure give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Elena Spain

Bodie's Surf School website

I have taken surf lessons in Europe, Brazil, and Mexico with very little success and was beginning to doubt myself but then bodie got me surfing consistently within the 1st hour of our 1st lesson! he is very patient and detailed in his methods and makes learning fun and easy.... best instructor i've ever had for anything!! if you don't believe you can learn to surf then you need to take a lesson with bodie!!

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