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Bintang Surf Charters' teams dedicate their time and knowledge to make sure you always surf world class waves around West Sumatra with on-board accommodation.

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Dave Kardinaal

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I had such an epic trip on board the Bintang. Mick could find waves to suit everybody on the boat and manage to score with hardly any crowds. From the second you step off the plane, the guys have someone waiting for you and you don't have to worry about a thing except getting your froth on. The food is served all day with a good mix of Indonesian and Australian. Did I mention the fishing or diving? The ocean is teeming with life. If you get lucky and snag a Spanish mac, the chef will take it straight out the back and make it sashimi for lunch.

Thanks again Micko for an epic trip.

Caspar Willem

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Captain Micko always put us in the right spot, so that we got the pits of our lives. The yacht is massive and fully air conditioned. The rooms were big and new. The Bintang hooked in the water. Geeza, the chef, was on point with epic food all day long, everyday, as we were pulling up fresh tuna daily from the tender. I already booked next year with the boys!

Brent Oeding

Bintang Surf Charter Facebook

The boat was the best. It was very luxurious and roomy with the great food and crew on board. Skipper looked after us and made everyone have a great time. They knew all the surf spots well and made sure we were at the best waves at all times. I wouldn't go on another boat but the Bintang. Such a trip of a lifetime.

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