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Banyak Surf Bungalows

Banyak Surf Bungalows are the only land based surf camp accommodation in the Banyaks that has easy direct access to the waves in the Bay of Plenty.

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I stayed at the surf bungalows for just under a month during March/April with the new management Aussie couple, Kevin and Donna, and had an awesome time they were great hosts as well as their staff, they were more then accommodating to us and great people to be around! I have previously stayed at the bungalows last year in August and the management from then to now has vastly improved they are much more organised now and i will definitely be heading back there asap!! Our accommodation was great the bungalows are well maintained comfy beds and a fan to keep you cool at night and a mosquito net if you wish to use one which I didn't even need to. During our time, we got pumping waves ranging from 2 feet to 4 feet, which were super clean and fun. We surfed multiple breaks, gunters, which you can watch from your very own bungalow, lolok, the furthest most southern point on the island and dindo's. There are even more breaks then this they just need different swell directions!! The winds were good to us we had offshore winds most of the time which is common in the early season and no one else out! even during the peak season you still get to surf pumping waves uncrowded. If we were surfed out or the waves were too small, there was still plenty of other things to do like fishing and snorkeling, treasure island isn't far by boat and it has 2 well-renowned breaks on it cobras (left hander) and treasures (right). There is a turtle sanctuary on the island which you can organize to visit and see the turtles nest at night and there is also a cracking left hander off the beach out the front; the food was very nice we never went hungry and the beers were cold we never went thirsty!

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