Bali Green Surf School

Bali, Indonesia

Bali Green Surf School offers surf classes guided by professional Balinese instructors. They aim to arouse passion for surfing, to help the orphaned children, and to keep Bali.

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Ketut "Widi" Widiartawan

Ketut is one of the professional instructors in Bali Green Surf School. He has several experiences in teaching surfing, and his favorite surf spots are Kuta Bali and Lombok.

Oka Rufio

Oka is a surf instructor and driver in Bali Green Surf School. His favorite surf spot is in Gado-Gado Beach, Bali.

Gerson Hurka Pabala

Gerson is the head instructor in Bali Green Surf School. His favorite surf spot is in Karewe, Sumba.

Abner Tebo

Abner is one of the instructors in Bali Green Surf School. His favorite surf spot is in Seminyak Beach, Bali.

Reviews 1

  • Matiu Julian Indonesia

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The people were friendly and the place was very 'cool' and typically a surf hang out.

    No discussion about what I was looking for or offered any options. I felt like they made an assumption I was a beginner and happy to ride white water close out sets at the local beach break for three days. I had to write to the management to ask for a better option.

    Testimonials 7

    • a traveler Germany

      TripAdvisor website

      We really enjoyed our stay at Bali Green Surf. We had a great time during the surf lessons, as well as just chilling with everyone around at the hostel. The staff is helpful and you get the best banana pancakes ever! Booked for a few nights and ended up staying 10 days. The guys are really experienced surfers and you get good instructions during the lessons which you can take for every level. Highly recommending Bali Green Surf but never try never know ;)

    • Jim Netherlands

      Tripadvisor website

      I had 3 lessons at this school. My teacher was Sunny, a very nice guy, and a great teacher. He can explain very well about how to surf. If you fall 10 times, he can make you stand up for the 11th time, even more, happier than you are. Before you start he will explain everything about safety. When you fall and Sunny thinks there's something wrong he is at your place in 3 seconds. They guys of this school had such a great passion for surfing it's so nice.We just saw the advertisement and walked in. Widi (the manager) helped us with information and picked us op for the lessons he is a very nice guy. The guys supporting orphans with the money they earned. Besides we had some great lessons we also chill for a few nights at their place. When you want to surf, do not hesitate and go to Bali Green Surf!

    • a traveler China

      Tripadvisor website

      My boys, ages 12 and 14, are enjoyed the surfing lessons with Bali Green Surf. We have found other schools like Rip Curl and Odyssey to be more professional and thorough in their approach, but since this was not my kids' first time surfing, I felt OK with Bali Green Surf instructors. However, I was a bit surprised when they did not make me sign any forms, or gave me any recipes, or anything. The whole thing is very informal, but the instructors were very good and accommodating.

    • a traveler

      Trip Advisor website

      I found Bali green surf with a quick google search as I had just a day and a half before flying back to England. I hoped I was going to be able to squeeze in a surfing lesson before I left, but thought it was unlikely that. It's possible with such limited time. However, I got an email back from Widi almost instantly which was extremely polite, helpful and accommodating, and he really worked around my plans, allowing me to book a lesson almost as soon as I arrived, which was ideal for me to utilize the time I had left of the holiday. The communication and quality of information given, as well as response time and general helpfulness, those were excellent. I got picked up from my hotel and taken to the beach where the lesson took place. I was with another couple who were also saying how easy it had been to arrange. The lesson was great, the instructors were extremely enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable, as well as having great people skills and excellent English. We had an amazing few hours in the surf, and we were all standing up and riding waves within a few minutes as they promised we would be! We were given water, towels, and given time to rest and ask questions whenever needed. The instructors' enthusiasm was what made it for me. I fully recommend Bali green surf whether you are a complete beginner or have surfed before and want to improve. A Great company, professional, passionate and very well organized. If I come back to Bali I will be having a few more sessions for sure!

    • Alesya

      Tripadvisor website

      I had so much fun with these awesome instructors. I could not have been better. They were informative but so friendly and went out of their way to make sure we all had a great time and happy.

    • Tram Hennekens France

      Bali Green Surf School website

      Bali Green Surf is a friendly surf school. The atmosphere is relaxed, the instructors are energetic, caring and most important knowledgeable and patient! My 6 surf day lessons were full on but what a blast I had! I was kind of a beginner but managed to take my first turns on a short hardboard (high waves and strong current) at the end of the week. I highly recommend Bali Green Surf instructors, they are the best!

    • Mara

      Tripadvisor website

      The Bali green surf school is my most favorite place in Bali. There are tons of surf schools in Bali, however, this one is special. You will find local guys who turned their passion into a living and who just love what they do. They also focus on giving back to the community. They donate half of their income to local orphanages and also organize charity parties / beach cleanings / cloth donations and they also spend time on the beach with the kids. I was lucky to be part of a couple of those days and it was great fun. The lesson is great and they really know what they are doing I always felt safe and protected in the water! They also really focus on each individually and always make sure to use the right board for you.Besides the surf lessons, I also love spending time at the office. They invited us to stay for a beer after the first surf lesson and now we spend most of our evenings there, playing, having BBQ, talking, and laughing all night. Luckily there also is a hostel now. So you do not even have to go home. On my next visit, I will definitely stay there. So all in all a wonderful place to stay and take lessons at you will get to know Bali from a totally different side. Way more than just a surf school more like a family which you are included at in an instant and get to be a part of.

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