Balearic Retreats

Balearic Retreats offers yoga retreats that cater to anyone wanting to advance their yoga practice, regardless of their level.

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Richard Mckenster

from United States, June 2018

"Historic Mallorca leading edge retreat."

The people around so easeful

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Karin Switzeland

Balearic Retreats website

I came here to find a little peace from my sometimes quite hectic daily life. I found a lot more than this. You opened a door to a new world for me. Even though I did some yoga before I never dived that deep into this world. You made me curious to take a deeper dive into it. Thanks so much!. Love.

a traveler

Balearic Retreats website

Balearic Retreats was my first experience to go somewhere completely unknown, on my own and it was so well worse it. A true paradise with amazing venue, beautiful, knowledgeable and attentive teachers; the food especially prepared for us was out of this world! I am a fussy eater and a very good cook myself but have never tasted such amazing vegan meals. The whole thing was so well thought through and organized; however, it never felt like we were forced into certain routine or schedule. It felt more like a holiday away from reality of the modern life. Every day activities were adjusted to our wishes and everyone was flexible. We had so much fun!

I am not new to yoga retreats and went to exotic places before but I always followed someone's recommendation or went with a friend. I was attracted to Balearic Retreats due to Pilar being a fan of ashtanga yoga such as I am and beautiful surroundings were enchanting. I had an amazing room with breath taking views and met fantastic people. Yoga was powerful and well adjusted to the level of all students. Thanks you ever so much, it was the best experience I’ve ever had with regard to retreats and will be coming back again and again.

I will be joining Pilar and the team in May this year and from now on Balearic Retreats is my No.1 holiday destination. With love and gratitude xx

Margherita Italy

Balearic Retreats website

Thanks a lot for the experience you gift me with. A part from the practice itself, that was enlightening, I really enjoyed the atmosphere you created in the house, which without doubt was the most valuable part. You never ending smile and energy taught me a lot and always made my day from the early morning. I wish you all the possible accomplishments in your yogi and personal life, you really deserve it. Never loose your vibe. Ciao!

Marcus Germany

Balearic Retreats website

Seven days of yoga retreat, seven days full of inhaling, exhaling, learning, laughing, swimming, hiking, stretching, hugging (I am German), paddling, chanting, eating, dancing, marveling. Thank you, Pilar, Lily, and all the guys I met. See you next year!


Balearic Retreats website

I could not have wished for a better week than this one. A true bliss. Everything was just perfect. The house, the location, the food, the people, and the amazing classes we had. What a great practice we had! Thank you for sharing everything you have learned with us. Pure love and light.

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