Balearic Retreats

Palma, Spain

Balearic Retreats offers yoga retreats that cater to anyone wanting to advance their yoga practice, regardless of their level.

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    • Noor The United Arab Emirates

      BookYogaRetreats website

      Thank you for this wonderful retreat that is both spiritual and physical surrounded by nature and by beautiful souls like yourself and everyone else here. It makes us really appreciate how much love and gratitude we already have inside. How lucky we are to experience this together, words can never fully describe! We built a temple of love that I am happy to have shared here in Mallorca amongst wonderful people. Not to mention of course the food… the heavenly food! Till we meet again.

    • Hind The United Arab Emirates

      BookYogaRetreats website

      Thanks for the great yoga, the amazing hike, the warm hospitality and for giving us a great time at this retreat.

      The food was amazing! The highlight of my trip ;)

      Really hope to see you all again soon. Yoga forever!

    • Nicola United Kingdom

      BookYogaRetreats website

      What a special week on a beautiful yoga, hiking, and stand up paddle boarding retreat! I will take home many wonderful colors, smells, and sounds, as well as many memories spent with a great team of people. Thank you so much for the experiences. Much love!

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    • Karin Switzeland

      Balearic Retreats website

      I came here to find a little peace from my sometimes quite hectic daily life. I found a lot more than this. You opened a door to a new world for me. Even though I did some yoga before I never dived that deep into this world. You made me curious to take a deeper dive into it. Thanks so much!. Love.

    • a traveler

      Balearic Retreats website

      Balearic Retreats was my first experience to go somewhere completely unknown, on my own and it was so well worse it. A true paradise with amazing venue, beautiful, knowledgeable and attentive teachers; the food especially prepared for us was out of this world! I am a fussy eater and a very good cook myself but have never tasted such amazing vegan meals. The whole thing was so well thought through and organized; however, it never felt like we were forced into certain routine or schedule. It felt more like a holiday away from reality of the modern life. Every day activities were adjusted to our wishes and everyone was flexible. We had so much fun!

      I am not new to yoga retreats and went to exotic places before but I always followed someone's recommendation or went with a friend. I was attracted to Balearic Retreats due to Pilar being a fan of ashtanga yoga such as I am and beautiful surroundings were enchanting. I had an amazing room with breath taking views and met fantastic people. Yoga was powerful and well adjusted to the level of all students. Thanks you ever so much, it was the best experience I’ve ever had with regard to retreats and will be coming back again and again.

      I will be joining Pilar and the team in May this year and from now on Balearic Retreats is my No.1 holiday destination. With love and gratitude xx

    • Margherita Italy

      Balearic Retreats website

      Thanks a lot for the experience you gift me with. A part from the practice itself, that was enlightening, I really enjoyed the atmosphere you created in the house, which without doubt was the most valuable part. You never ending smile and energy taught me a lot and always made my day from the early morning. I wish you all the possible accomplishments in your yogi and personal life, you really deserve it. Never loose your vibe. Ciao!

    • Marcus Germany

      Balearic Retreats website

      Seven days of yoga retreat, seven days full of inhaling, exhaling, learning, laughing, swimming, hiking, stretching, hugging (I am German), paddling, chanting, eating, dancing, marveling. Thank you, Pilar, Lily, and all the guys I met. See you next year!

    • Samia

      Balearic Retreats website

      I could not have wished for a better week than this one. A true bliss. Everything was just perfect. The house, the location, the food, the people, and the amazing classes we had. What a great practice we had! Thank you for sharing everything you have learned with us. Pure love and light.

    • Aline Brazil

      Balearic Retreats website

      Words fall short to express my feelings of joy and gratitude to share such beauty with you in this magical location. Thank you for being you and bringing these beautiful people together. I could not ask for a better time.

    • Stina Sweden

      Balearic Retreats website

      The days with Balearic Retreats will be days to remember. The setting was perfect, in the beautiful mountains, in the beautiful house, in the lovely rooms. I was concerned about the fact that we would eat only twice a day, but I had no reason to worry. The food was so good and nutritious, and I didn't feel hungry at all, on the contrary, I have never felt so satisfied. And I was so inspired by the beautiful and tasty dishes. I had many revelations regarding my relationship to food during these few days and I have realized it is so much a mental thing above from being a physical one. The yoga and meditation practices were not new to me, however, the context was perfect to deepen and reflect on each part of the exercises. For me, it was a perfect balance between playful, open attitude, and serious, dedicated attitude. Since I missed out half of the week, I can only guess what to come but I am certain I would have moved my limits even more, both mentally and physically. I can only know by giving myself a new opportunity to discover, but it has certainly opened a window to something which was previously closed. I am happy I gave myself the opportunity to discover this part of myself. For me, it has inspired me to dedicate myself more to the practices and I feel more comfortable in doing so. Finally, I must comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere. Pilar, as the leader, creates an invigorating and loving energy, which makes everyone feel included, still individual. Her team, Angie, Nina, and Lily, are equally vibrant and colorful personalities, which made us all feel comfortable, more as a group of friends than strangers. Thank you, Pilar, Angie, Nina, Lily, and all the other participants. I had a great few days with you.

    • Kristina Norway

      Balearic Retreats website

      Before I came here I thought that I would miss my family too much but I felt so at home and calm here with you and the other great girls. The yoga classes have been very good for me, as well has the food. I feel really relaxed and energized after a week with yoga and fun in this beautiful place. Can I come back next year?

    • Silvia Italy

      Balearic Retreats website

      Thank you for giving me this fantastic opportunity to join this beautiful yoga retreat. It was for me new and full of emotions, challenging but rewarding. I will never forget the wonderful people and teachers I met here, with whom I shared this unforgettable experience. For sure this is only the beginning for me. If anybody can do it, it means that I can do it; if nobody can do it, it means that I can be the first!

    • Anna United Kingdom

      Balearic Retreats website

      With all my heart I would like to say thank you all for a magical time in such paradise-like place. I had the most amazing holiday, fantastic yoga, and the food was out of this world. You are a great team and an inspiration to anyone who wants to change their life for the better and not being afraid to do so. You gave me confidence that it could be done. Pilar, I admire you, love your style, and I will be coming back next year to do my beloved Ashtanga with you. With all my love, namaste!

    • Alessia Austria

      Balearic Retreats website

      Thank you for a heart opening experience. Yoga has guided me through a tough part of my life. In the end, I came out stronger than before. You and Angie were part of my path. Namaste.

    • Milla Italy

      Balearic Retreats website

      It was such a privilege to spend this week in such a lovely place with you. I enjoyed every single minute of this experience thanks to your passion, your kindness, and your love. I will bring with me lots of memories about the yoga, the paddle surfing, and all the other activities we did, but what I will never forget are the smiles, the laughs, and the tears we shared. Thanks for everything!

    • Irene Italy

      Balearic Retreats website

      This week has meant a lot for me, it has shown me that I can still rely on my body. When I came, I was still afraid of every movement, I go away with some more confidence, feeling strengthened, and willing to continue practicing. It has been a great week, wonderful place, very nice people, great food, amazing surroundings! I loved your beautiful island and really hope to be able to come back soon, maybe for another retreat of yours!

    • Angie Gaebler New Zealand

      Balearic Retreats website

      I had the privilege of taking Yoga classes with Pilar in Goa, India, in September 2016, both Ashtanga led and Power Vinyasa classes. It was an experience I will never forget and will always be thankful for. Not only is Pilar a wonderful teacher, but being around her is a gift in itself; she lights up any room she walks into and it was truly a pleasure to learn from her over this time and to soak up her incredible energy. Pilar teaches from the heart and her classes are filled with energy and philosophy, along with thoughtful cues and strong adjustments throughout. She enables her students to explore their boundaries, while at the same time allowing them to feel relaxed and safe within the space she creates for them. I look forward to one day furthering my training with Pilar, preferably in Mallorca!

    • Valeria Bali

      Balearic Retreats website

      I feel very touched by this experience! I am leaving this yoga retreat feeling more beautiful, strong, focused, and more me. The best thing about this retreat was meeting all these interesting people and beautiful souls. The food was absolutely incredible and the yoga classes were amazing. You are an angel. I loved it!

    • Van Iraq

      Balearic Retreats website

      I could not have asked for a more enjoyable time than I had at your retreat. The house, the practice, and the meals were marvelous. The yoga instructor was superb and the company of the people was fabulous. There is a famous Kurdish saying: "a guest, when visits, takes nine and leaves one." In this place, you will share so many ones from the beautiful people who visited and leave your special one to the ones coming after you. I take more than a yoga practice that I come to love, I have friends for life now. I will for sure come back for my one and others. Love.

    • Pim Singapore

      Balearic Retreats website

      This past week has been amazing! I did not expect all this when I left Singapore, Bangkok, and London. All the miles I have traveled to Mallorca cannot compare to the experience I had in such a short time here. Thank you for pushing me through the practice, thank you for handing me help when I needed it, and thank you for your motivation, dedication, and genuine friendship. I value our time here so much and I will carry this great feeling with me always. It was such a short time yet it was long enough to learn that beauty of life lies in the simplest thing: love. Thank you for a wonderful time.

    • Sara Otto Dubai

      Balearic Retreats website

      I joined Balearic Retreat for a week-long Ashtanga holiday taught by Olivier David and run by Pilar de Miguel. It was a much-needed getaway, organized wonderfully well, and taught with passion. From the moment I arrived, the charming villa tucked away in the near mountains of Deia, I already felt miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tranquil and charming, the home was among olive trees and free roaming sheep. The vegetarian food was delicious with hints of traditional Mallorcan dishes. Daily optional trips to the beach with its turquoise water and natural cliffs was a perfect way to spend the afternoon post-Mysore morning practice. A balancing and nurturing retreat, I could not ask for more.

    • Marcello Gagliardi Italy

      Balearic Retreats website

      This retreat is a perfect opportunity to restore health, improve your yoga practice, and discover a great Mediterranean island. All this with style and comfort.

    • Ulrika Belin Sweden

      Balearic Retreats website

      I had a wonderful stay at Mallorca with Balearic Retreats. It was a great opportunity for me to deepen my practice and evolve as a yoga practitioner. Mallorca offers everything you need for a great yoga holiday with beautiful beaches, great food, and a spectacular scenario. Our house was just incredible, with amazing views set in a very peaceful part of the island. We had our own chef preparing delicious mostly raw and vegan food. After practice, we were so lucky to have Pilar, who grew up on the island, show us all her favorite spots.

    • Diego Argentina

      Balearic Retreats website

      Gracias por compartir estos días maravillosos con gente tan bonita y especial. Mi estadía fue breve pero me llevo en mi corazón la sensación de paz, la dulce compañía y el recuerdo en mis ojos de haber estado rodeado de naturaleza en un sitio mágico y lleno de color. Espero volver pronto para compartir estos momentos que traen tanto aprendizaje y luz a nuestras vidas.

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