8 Days Yoga and Surf Holiday Spain

  • Lotus Retreat, 2 Calle Gallo, Corralejo, Fuerteventura 35660, Spain

8 Days Yoga and Surf Holiday Spain

  • Lotus Retreat, 2 Calle Gallo, Corralejo, Fuerteventura 35660, Spain

Yoga, Pilates and Surf Holiday, Canary Islands

The crystal clear water and perfect waves of Fuerteventura never fail to attract surfers from all over the globe. Dubbed as the ‘Hawaii of the Atlantic’ for its powerful and consistent surf, the island is also a place of immense beauty and energy which is perfect for a well-being and surf break. Azulfit makes sure you get the most out of your time away by offering yoga, Pilates, and surf, all in one holiday.


  • 3 days of surfing lessons
  • Daily yoga and Pilates sessions
  • Daily morning meditation sessions
  • Beach transfers and expert surfing instructions
  • Use of surf equipment and wetsuits
  • 1 full body treatment and massage
  • Daily breakfast and two dinners
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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Lotus Retreat has a wonderfully calm and friendly atmosphere. The modern and stylish villa has tastefully decorated rooms and beautiful shared spaces so you can soak up the atmosphere and go home feeling utterly rejuvenated. Drink in the views over the beautiful beach town Corralejo, and relax in the chill out spaces around the pool. Relaxation is the theme of this holiday.

Lotus Retreat has five rooms all of which can be booked either privately, or in the case of the twin or double rooms, to share. All of which are designed with your rest and comfort in mind. Offering different levels of accommodation to suit all budgets, Lotus Retreat is sure to have the perfect place for you to rest, relax, and enjoy the rejuvenating effect of this special retreat.

Ocean view Suite

Large double or twin room occupying the top level of the property. With a deluxe private en-suite bathroom, dressing area and two private terrace​s.

Pool view twin room

Twin room on main living level of the property. Direct access to the pool and terrace area. Shared bathroom on living level and second separate toilet.

Garden view twin room

Twin room on main living level of the property. Direct access to the garden and pool area. Shared bathroom on living level and second separate toilet.

Lower level twin room

Twin room on lower level of property. Well lit with natural light. Use of a private bathroom a couple of meters from the room.

Single room

On main living level of property. Direct access to garden and pool terrace area. Shared bathroom and separate toilet on living.

Surf classes and courses

The surf classes and courses are provided by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and British Surfing Association (BSA) qualified instructors who have spent many years on the island sharing their passion for the sport and Fuerteventura’s waves. Surfing classes and courses are available for all abilities and levels, from absolute beginners to aspiring pros.

Please also note that the surf pick up time depends on the tide for the best learning conditions. This may mean missing a morning or afternoon class or leaving class a little early. But do not to worry, there are always two daily classes and the surf days are often four hours so you will be getting plenty of activity and value.

The benefits of yoga and Pilates for surfing

The benefits of both yoga and Pilates for surfing performance include increased flexibility, core strength, body awareness, synergy, a fluidity of movement, and stamina. Many of surfing experts now include yoga or Pilates in their training regimes.

  • Frauke Behrens

    Frauke has been teaching and practicing Kundalini yoga for many years. She is certified through the Kundalini Research Institute and a full member of the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga. Frauke is passionate about yoga and meditation. You will enjoy every minute of her class, from the gentle meditation through the energetic asanas and to the final relaxation.

  • Valentina Parmigiani

    Valentina is an inspiring teacher who blends classical Hatha yoga and adapts it with Vinyasa yoga to make classes fun, challenging, and innovative. She trained using ancient Indian methods she has learned in her various studies all over the world. Classes with Valentina will improve your agility, muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and breath control.

  • Sara Mattana

    Sara teaches a dynamic style of yoga based on breath, bandhas, and drishti. Furthering her studies, she has achieved an advanced level with 50-hour intensive training in Florence in the practice of Rocket yoga. These energetic routines are appropriate for all levels of students providing different ways to modify the classical poses. Sara ensures that the benefits of the poses are about renewing vitality and energy.

The camp, which will take place in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain, is a jewel with incredible scenery, beautiful white sand beaches, and heartwarming sunshine all day. With its amazing volcanic scenery and incredible vistas of the turquoise ocean, this is the perfect getaway from your busy days to release your daily stress away.

Nearby places

  • Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) - 35 minutes
  • Lanzarote Airport (ACE) - 1.5 hours
  • Villaverde - 10 minutes

You will have wholesome breakfasts daily and two delicious vegetarian evening meals prepared during your stay. Enjoy a varied selection of fresh and homemade food including mouthwatering fresh fruits, warm home-baked bread, homemade marmalades and spreads, eggs, pancakes, porridge, and other creative and nurturing dishes to start your day on this healthy holiday.

For the extra meals, you can choose from the fantastic range of local restaurants, including fantastic vegetarian restaurants, seafood, tapas, and international cuisine available within an easy stroll of the retreat house. This is the perfect time to explore and taste the traditional Spanish food and cuisines from all around the world.

During your spare time, you can relax and unwind by the pool or one of the local beaches. Enjoy the beautiful sights of the island and have a stroll along the coastline to the stunning Corralejo Dunes National Park. Visit the local markets and taste a seafood lunch at the harbor. Climb a volcano, go kite and windsurfing, cycling, horse riding, play tennis, or visit the beautiful lagoons of El Cotillo.


Cycling is a great way to explore the island whilst making the most of the fresh air and sunshine. Rent bikes to explore the local area for pure adventure cycle the north shore to beautiful El Cotillo on the west coast or head to the inspiring Sand Dunes National Park.

Horseriding at Finca Julie

Experience the breathtaking views of Fuerteventura on horseback. Enjoy the freedom and tranquility of this beautiful island while riding on friendly Irish sports horses. Feel the freedom of riding on mountain trails or coastal routes in an all-year-round temperate climate.

Kite and windsurfing

Try kitesurfing and windsurfing at the most of Fuerteventura’s beautiful coastline and surf conditions. With the water sports partners on the island, you can tailor your ideal yoga, Pilates, and water sports holiday. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy.


Get active, enjoy a fun game, improve your skills, and relax your mind. Tennis is a great way to de-stress and enjoys a wonderful opportunity in a beautiful and friendly setting.

You will receive a one-hour full body massage included in your package. This massage is the perfect way to wind down and relax into your well-being holiday. At an additional cost, Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat also offers a complete range of massage, body, beauty treatments, and holistic therapies to help you rest, rejuvenate, and come away looking and feeling fantastic.


The ancient Chinese believed that there is a universal life energy called Chi or Qi present in every living creature. This health maintaining energy circulates throughout the body along pathways so-called meridians. A blocked flow of energy can cause dysfunction, pain, and illness. This treatment costs 45 EUR for 40 minutes.

Auricular or ear therapy

This therapy restores the natural energy balance, improves general wellbeing, and helps reducing anxiety. You will feel the sensations of withdrawal and craving as the small needles do stimulate the release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters such as serotonin. This treatment costs 45 EUR for 40 minutes.

Ayurvedic massage with Luisa

An ayurvedic massage helps eliminate toxins through purification, strengthens the muscle tone, relaxes, and rejuvenates the body. Ayurvedic massage involves tapping, kneading, squeezing, and traditional massage strokes done by using essential oils to suit you and releasing both physical and emotional tensions. This treatment costs 45 USD for 60 minutes.

Back and neck massage

A massage concentrating on the problem areas of legs, neck, and back. This treatment costs 30 EUR for 30 minutes.

Balinese massage

This powerful massage based on an ancient Indonesian system of movements will leave you uplifted and recharged. This treatment costs 73 EUR for 90 minutes.

Bioslimming body wrap

One of the strongest professional products available. It is packed with full of high-level active ingredients targeting cellulite and fat while producing visible long-lasting results from the first treatment. This treatment costs 85 EUR for two hours.

Body balancing

Rigid joints and tight muscles do increase the possibility of the muscle to feel the pain and injuries. Mobilizing and liberating joints, stretching muscles, and elastifying the fascias will provide more flexibility to prevent injuries which can lead to neuro-muscular-skeletal problems. This treatment costs 55 EUR for 55 minutes.

Chakra balancing

Clearing and balancing your chakras will help to unblock and harmonise the flow of energy in your body. When you make this connection, it can transform your life. The chakras are the power stations of our body which bring your physical body to life. The treatment costs 45 EUR for 45 minutes.

Deluxe manicure and pedicure

Revitalise your hands by incorporating shaping, soaking, cuticle tidy, exfoliation, and massage. Finish with a polish of your choice using professional OPI and Essie products. This treatment costs starting from 27 EUR for 60 minutes.

Eye treatments

  • Brow shaping, 8 EUR
  • Brow shaping and tint, 14 EUR
  • Lash tint, 14 EUR

Foot massage with Luisa

A good foot massage can also improve your mental and emotional state. It relieves pressure on legs and feet, increases your energy levels, relieves stress, pain, and anxiety, improves blood and lymph circulation, and stimulates the activity of internal organs. This treatment costs 30 EUR for 45 minutes.

Healing abdominal massage with Luisa

Combination of oriental techniques and drainage to help reduce pain, improve digestion, eliminate toxins, end constipation. Keeping the abdominal area healthy, invigorate internal organs, stimulate the immune system, and release emotional blockage stalled in the part of the body. This treatment costs 30 EUR for 45 minutes.

Indian head massages with Jigyasa

Indian head massage is a beautiful relaxing treatment that works on the back, neck, scalp, and the face. This massage which is usually performed seated can help calm and relax the mind. This treatment costs 40 EUR for 45 minutes.

Manual lymphatic drainage with Luisa

This type of gentle massage consists of soft and slowly movements with palms which are intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. This detox and relaxing therapy help to have a bright and shiny skin, to reduce fluid retention, and cellulite. This treatment costs 55 EUR for 70 minutes.


Osteopathy is a manual curative and preventive therapy which approaches the human body as a complex structure. It heals muscle and joint injuries, organs disorder, and emotional and functional blockages caused by recent or past incidents. The treatment costs 60 EUR for 60 minutes.

Provence Cosmetics excellency gommage facial

A unique anti-aging facial for all skin types, containing active ingredients such as sunflower bee pollen, essential oils, sea collagen and many vitamins, including retinol. This treatment stimulates collagen, restores radiance and decreases fine lines, giving instant visible results.

Rebalancing back treatments

The treatment begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the back, followed by a back massage to release tension. A natural hydrating or deep cleansing pack is applied whilst you receive a relaxing leg massage. This treatment costs 52 EUR for 60 minutes.


Reflexology is a science which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all of the glands organs and parts of the body. The treatment uses hands to apply pressure to these reflexes that can relieve tension, improve circulation, and the functions of the body. The treatment costs 35 EUR for 45 minutes.


The therapist will gently place their hands on or above the body in a sequence of positions to allow the energy to flow and remove energy blockages where most needed. It creates a feeling of deep relaxation and overall wellbeing to reduce stress and promote healing both physically and emotionally. The treatment costs 40 EUR for 45 minutes.

Shiatsu with Luisa

Shiatsu in Japanese means finger pressure which is a type of alternative medicine consisting of thumbs and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques. Shiatsu practitioners believe in a purported type of vital energy called ki that flows through the body to help the body heal itself. This treatment costs 55 EUR for 70 minutes.

Tropical body scrub

Soften and nourish your skin with this pampering body treatment. Coconut milk combined with macadamia and coconut oil is massaged into your skin followed by exfoliation with pure sugar cane and tropical nut oils. Leaves your skin satin soft and helps to prolong your tan. This treatment costs 53 EUR for 60 minutes.


All waxing treatments take place at Tranquility Spa. The prices vary based on the treatments.

  • Armpits, 8 EUR
  • A half wax for legs, 16 EUR
  • Bikini, 13 EUR
  • Full legs wax, 25 EUR
  • 1 full body massage
  • 3 days surfing lessons
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Beach transfers
  • Daily breakfast and two vegetarian dinners
  • Daily morning meditation sessions
  • Daily yoga and Pilates sessions
  • Surf equipment and wetsuits
  • Surf lesson tuition
  • Airport transfers
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) or Lanzarote Airport (ACE). Transfer from and to Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) is available upon request.

Arrival by ferry

If you arrive at Lanzarote Arrecife Airport (ACE), please take the 20-minute ferry crossing to Fuerteventura. The last ferry crossing to Corralejo from Playa Blanca, Lanzarote is at 7:00 p.m. Hence, make sure your flight arrives by 4:00 p.m.


  • Review by Katherine Louise Cox
    10 out of 10

    "After 5 years of visiting Azul it never fails to ground me and open my heart, even if i just do drop in classes with some of the wonderful teachers. I continue to feel so blessed to have found this place."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat Facebook page, edited

  • Review by a traveler
    10 out of 10

    "I spent a week in November at Azulfit. I really enjoyed these days! Fuerteventura is a beautiful place. I went for some nice walks ! The food was delicious, the company was nice, the service was excellent. Don't be surprised if I come back some day! I'll wait until there is another Kundalini-week."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Marie from Switzerland
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you so much to the Surya Team! I had the perfect vacation at the yoga retreat and enjoyed every day of my stay. It was my first yoga retreat, so I did not quite know what to expect, but it was so much more than I could have hoped for. The Surya team helped me to arrange a special stay duration (because I arrived on a Tuesday, and usually the retreat starts on Saturday). Gary was so helpful with the booking as well as the flights and the arrival descriptions, and from the first minute at the retreat I felt so comfortable, relaxed and welcome. In the first week I had a single room with a shared bathroom, in the second week a shared room. Both worked out perfectly, as everybody is really respectful and nice. The other people I met at the retreat were fantastic and from all over Europe. It was a fantastic mix of people. The yoga and pilates classes were also excellent - I especially liked the yoga classes with Valentina and Frauke and pilates with Jo. The food was also outstanding, and there was always gluten-free options as well and delicious dessert every day. It is really the perfect place to have a relaxed, healthy holiday. I especially liked the hammocks. I will go back as soon as possible!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jet from Netherlands
    10 out of 10

    "Thanks for all your love, sharing, and kindness. It felt like a warm bath, looking forward to coming home again to you all next year, love and hugs "

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Josaphine from Florence
    10 out of 10

    "I have spent one week at Villa Surya in Villaverde, doing yoga and pilates. It has been time for myself, to exercise meditate and eat vegan/ vegetarian food. The company was lively, the room very clean and the place was run by perfect staff."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Azra from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Azul fit team, thank you thank you thank you for an incredible three weeks, I am sad to be leaving but I know I am returning to London feeling happy and healthy, this really is a home away from home for me, I love coming back and seeing all my family here, thank you to the dream team Frauke and Lisa for organizing and making everything run smoothly, Jo and her kitchen team for keeping us well fed and inspiring us always to look after our bodies. Jo thank you for the pilates and making me feel strong again and Valentina for pushing me that little bit further along in Yoga. I love the new Surya retreat and look forward to visiting again and again. Thank you, everyone, for what you have created here it truly is very special, all my love Azra."

    "Ps A very special "

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Vanessa from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "Azul is one of the most rewarding, rejuvenating, and incredible weeks of my life. I'm quite well travelled and both Lisa and Frauke make sure you get as much out of your experience as possible, no matter how big or small. The instructors truly care about the students and they really cater to each individual, both in group classes and one on one. I can not recommend it highly enough, I will definitely be back!"

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Sharon from South Korea
    10 out of 10

    "After ditching plans to hike the Camino Santiago because of time restraints, my friend and I ended up booking a week at the Lotus Retreat. It ended up being the perfect place to get refocused on my yoga practice and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Fuerteventura. The villa is beautiful and comfortable. We stayed in the basement room, which was less expensive and perfect as we only slept there anyway. The bathroom has a spacious shower and is just outside the bedroom door. One night I even slept in the hammock out in the courtyard which was delightful. The staff (Claire, Liz, Valeria, Barbara and anyone were welcoming and accommodating. The food was outstanding also if I had Valeria and Claire cooking for me, I would eat vegetarian all the time! The yoga and other classes catered to a variety of levels and all the instructors were more than happy to answer questions and interact with the guests. The best part was meeting some great women from all over the place and sharing this experience with them."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Pip from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "My first visit - thank you so much to such a warm, welcoming team. Everyone has and infectious enthusiasm for what they are doing here, I feel truly nurtured and nourished and I return home revitalized women, thank you to everyone Namaste."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Suzzana from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "Having visited Azul 8 times I didn't think that could improve but Surya goes beyond all my expectations. It was idyllic and restful with amazing food, beautiful people, pure bliss, heats, and kisses. Thank you to each and everyone of you for sharing this with me. I will be back "

    "Much love "

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Nicolina from Sweden
    10 out of 10

    "With all the Swedish love I can find thank you all Finding this place and spending a week in this villa was the best thing I could do with an incredibly talented, loving, caring, fun and inspiring team you have healed both my body and soul. You opened up a new world to me and I am in love with every aspect of it I can't wait to be back and see you all again."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Thomson from Virginia
    10 out of 10

    "Blessed fortunate 26 nights with Azul, plenty of fuel gathered here to help me move forward, advance, I will have memories of the guests , food and outdoors, thanks to Lisa, Erika, Jamie, volunteers and all involved. I wish you well *fortune favors the bold*"

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Kat from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "Until we meet again my beautiful Azul family. Valentina, I have never met a human being like you, the most beautiful mind, smile, and heart. m You gave every bit of yourself to us this week and we all will leave with your energy flowing through us, and there will be moments in our own lives when we will turn to the lessons you filled us with, as I have done from the last time that I met. Jo, you are beautiful , you not only nourished my body but also my soul, you really helped and took are of me far beyond your kitchen magic. Lisa and Frauke, you run the most magnificent ship, taking people on a special journey and you should be so proud. And to all the friends I have made the love you have shown me as if I were your own, the laughter and lesson shared. Thank you for adding to the patchwork quilt of my life, may your journeys be beautiful and our paths cross again."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by A traveler
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for an amazing week, time has definitely slowed down and every moment has been a delight. From the warm hug on arrival we have been made very welcome by every member of the team, I feel so well rested."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by A traveler
    10 out of 10

    "Thank you for providing a place to just “Be” a time for reflection, for growth, for self care, loving each moment and healing every moment. Thank you to Valentina for sincerity and passion for yoga and for sharing this with us this week, a living expression of kindness what a wonderful group of people. So happy to have met you all."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

  • Review by Kirsty from United Kingdom
    10 out of 10

    "I really can’t think of anything to say about Azul – except how wonderful it was."


    "I travelled alone and was slightly apprehensive at how the week would be, but it completely exceeded my expectations. The staff are wonderfully helpful and friendly, my room was great and I made some great friends over the week."


    "Our group ranged in yogic abilities, but the teachers catered to all levels and felt really stretched over the course of the week."


    "I miss my beach yoga – I’ll definitely be back. Thank you so much."

    Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat website, edited

Fuerteventura, The Canary Islands, Spain

Azul Yoga & Pilates Retreat offers world class retreat experience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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