A Coruña, Spain

ArtSurfCamp is a surf school located in privileged beach location of Razo Spain. They offer surf classes led by professionals with over 12 years of experience.

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  • a traveler

    TripAdvisor website

    We spent a couple of weeks in Razo and our oldest son asked to join the surf lessons. He had a fantastic time and will be going there again next year. The staff is friendly, eager to help, and more importantly, patient. I will definitely recommend this place to any one.

  • Missis Harrison

    ArtSurfCamp Facebook page

    This is the best surf camp ever. A big family, a special place. I will come back.

  • Olafur Iceland

    TripAdvisor website

    It's been a long time since I finally decided that I would learn how to surf sometime in my life and as a practical man, I googled surf camps in Spain, found a place, and went there. ArtSurfCamp has great employees and most speak good English. The food is healthy and nourishing, the accommodation is adequate, and the surfing lessons are great. They have a wide range of activities between surfing lessons and it allows you to be as active as you prefer. The best of all were the Spanish people who, even without understanding clearly, were always helpful and supportive to a confused tourist from Iceland.

  • Adrienne California, USA

    TripAdvisor website

    I spent a week at ArtSurfCamp and it was so much fun! The location couldn't be better. All you have to do is walk across the street and you're on the beach. The bar has a beautiful view of the ocean and all of the staff and people there are super friendly and helpful. It was such an amazing experience and I definitely recommend going there. It was great for both children and adults.

  • Friedl Austria

    TripAdvisor website

    ArtSurfCamp is located at one of the nicest beaches in Galicia, Spain. The crew is very nice and friendly, and they will try to do everything to make you happy. The rooms are nice and clean, and there is a good skate mini-ramp at the back of the hotel. They also offer yoga courses and other activities. If you are lucky, you might surf with dolphins. Enjoy!

  • La Dama Verde

    ArtSurfCamp Facebook page

    This is one of the best experiences of my life! I went to a camp and stayed on another. The great family of ArtSurfCamp will always be part of me! I will be back soon.

  • Beatriz Castro Scherianz

    ArtSurfCamp Facebook page

    Every time I come, the experience leaves me with incredible pieces of memories and this year has not been less. I fall in love with surfing every time, thanks to this camp and what it teaches me.

  • Rocio Guerrero Montero

    ArtSurfCamp Facebook page

    I had a truly a fabulous experience. Congratulations to Dani who taught us calmly and step by step, and thanks to his patience, we have managed to stand up.

  • Christina Hollander Azcona Netherlands

    ArtSurfCamp Facebook page

    The ArtSurfCamp is genial. I went this summer and the people are lovely. The monitors are cracks, the beach is beautiful, the rooms with sea views are beautiful, parties are cute, waves are big, and the food is very rich and very healthy. I recommend this surf camp to all who like to surf or never have, because you will understand that surfing is more than a sport but a lifestyle. You will enjoy some incredible days and meet many people. You will enjoy pure life!

  • Miguel DelaElite

    ArtSurfCamp Facebook page

    This has been my third year at ArtSurfCamp and it is just getting better. Every year has been different, but all the experiences lived inside and outside the water (in my case almost always inside), are worth it. The staff is serious but at the same time close to you, the monitors are very close and attentive to failures, and the technical staff solves any doubt or problem that arises from you instantly. Special mention goes to Alejandro. He absolutely does everything in the camp, even activities that are foreign to the world of surfing. This year, I have met other monitors like Boris, Toni, and Pablo that I did not see in previous years. They have an equally high performance level, and they correct you when needed. The artbar is the perfect place for the hours that pass out of the water. The staff is also very attentive and friendly. The decoration and service fit perfectly into the natural surroundings of Razo beach where it is located. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are good and necessary for physical exercise. The menus are balanced (pasta, rice, fish, purees, fruits, vegetables, and more) and good. Kitchen and cleaning workers, who do a dark but very necessary job, help to make the experience go smoothly. The only glitch I have found (only during Holy Week, not so during the summer months) is not being able to make card payments. However, they transferred me and those who needed it to Carballo without any problems to be able to pay in cash. It is understandable, of course, since they only open the camp five days a week. However, during the summer, card payments work without problems. In short, ArtSurfCamp is a great camp, both to start in the surf world and to repeat the activity in years to come.

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