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Anna Göransson - GoYoga

Anna Göransson - GoYoga offers yoga retreats in Roslagen - the coastal countryside of Stockholm, and other places in Sweden.

Instructors 1

Anna K. Göransson

Anna K. Göransson is a 925 RYT. Anna teaches and mixes different styles of yoga, each class is unique. Anna is also a certified therapeutic yoga teacher, by Urban Om, Stockholm. She combines her knowledge of YogaWorks professional yoga teacher training with her therapeutic training. She teaches and engages in a more individualized and deeper level. Anna prefers a varying pace, both calm and strong yoga where she can use her charismatic energy and educational methods.

Urban Om, Stockholm (Therapeutic Yoga)

YogaWorks Professional Teacher Trained (Yoga)

Testimonials 3

Anna Emanuelsson

Yoga Anna Göransson Facebook page

Thank you Anna for an educative and incredibly relaxing workshop!

Anna Mineur

Yoga Anna Göransson Facebook page

She is wonderful! Never forget the FT-day with yoga on the Atomic Beach, fine experience. Hugs to you Anna

Veronica Larsson

Yoga Anna Göransson Facebook page

Oh what if you could have yoga in Tierp again .. Missing you and the yoga.

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