Aguatibia Surf School

Aguatibia Surf School is a 100% costa rican owned and operated surf school that offer single surf lessons, a variety of packages, and surf trips in and around the Nosara area.

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Mike C.

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Good guys. Good surf experience. Had a small issue when I turned in my board. Later that day they texted me to say there was damage to the board and I needed to come back and pay for some damage. The board was already rented out again and I was leaving to go home so it was never resolved. I would definitely recommend agua tibia and I feel this was probably a legit mistake. Just make sure to check out the board good on both ends of the rental to avoid any strangeness.

Becky C.

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My husband and his friend had an excellent experience at the Agua Tibia Surf School. After their hour and a half lesson, they both felt more confident about surfing. Their instructor was advanced and showed them a lot in a short amount of time. They couldn't say enough good things about their experience with the surf lesson. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of a pattern "board damage" charges we saw arise with a group we were traveling with. My husband turned his board in and all was good. He was contacted via email the next day saying there was damage to his board at a charge of $60. Our friends saw the same thing happen after turning in their board. Its worth a discussion beforehand...and a walk around the board to look for damages before renting. It seemed a bit shady the way it was handled and should have been something that was discussed when turning in the board.

Sabine G.

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My 9 year old son has had the best experience with Agua Tibia. Adrian was his instructor and simply rocks. He is really good with kids and is flexible enough total them wherever its the best condition. My son advanced so fast within 4 days, that he ended up all the way out with the big guys. He is still beaming. It built his confidence and now he really wants to be a surfer. He won't take off his cool Agua Tibia T-shirt. I can only recommend them.

Jeffery K. Texas, USA

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The experts at Agua Tibia see a variety of individuals every single day and are able to thoroughly assess clients of different ages, levels of physical ability, sizes, and expectations...and still they extract the surfer in everyone, all the while exuding an excitement as if this is the first time they have surfed or the only person they have ever taught.

My daughters took a few days of lessons from Adrain and JP, and I found both instructors to be flawless. They reviewed the basic physics of waves and tides, emphasized safety, practiced techniques on land, and then hit the ocean where a short time later both girls were surfing. Progress was rewarded with progressively advanced teaching and bigger waves.

Overall, I found Agua Tibia to be far more than anticipated. In a small beachside community with tourists making up a large percentage of the population, I was not expecting such personalized service. My only complaint was that the trip was not long enough...we would have liked one more day with Adrain and JP.

Show up a day or two before you want to surf to schedule lessons OR email them before your trip to discuss timing and scheduling of lessons. Do not worry if your Spanish is rusty...they probably speak English better than you!

Rose P.

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Wow, these guys know their stuff. Thorough and professional and unlike the other lessons I received elsewhere. Def recommended!

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