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AdventureYogi creates adventurous and relaxing yoga holidays and retreats in the United Kingdom and other destinations abroad.

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Really Good 8.6/10

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Chetana Thornton

Chetana trained as a yoga teacher in 1998 in India with B.S Iyengar in Ashtanga Vinyasa and followed that with Sivananda in 1999. She trained in yoga therapy 500-hour training in 2000. Her classes are known to offer many supportive adjustments naturally, as bodywork, meridian, and acupressure are her background foundation. She is also a qualified Thai yoga massage therapist and Vortex healing practitioner.

Reviews 7

  • Neil Oakes Great Britain

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Great location relaxing environment ,yoga and meditation was spot on , meeting nice people with same interest

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Bess was a brilliant teacher . Thanks

    The food was rather spartan. It just didn't seem all that professionally cooked . It tasted OK however and the chef was a lovely person. More attention to presentation and quantity would go a long way to making it better.

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Great location Beautiful old Manor House. Yoga team very warm and friendly

    Breakfast was very basic after a 2 hour yoga practice. Great if you like to fill up just on carbs but no sign of any colourful fruit on table or even some tomatoes to break up the beige and brown on both mornings. A lot of people went to bed feeling hungry on first night and then wised up by Piling up their plates after this. Diners were very lovely. Lunch which isn’t served till after 3pm was soup and raw cabbage with onion - a bit disappointing. Everyone was ravenous after a very long walk! Class sizes were a bit too big for the room. I believe there were 17 of us! 14 should be max to ensure we have a small space between us. Otherwise superb place and nice team. Classes were good.

  • Line Berggreen Jorgensen Denmark

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Everything was absolutly great, helping and fun personel along with fantastic food, cozy Rooms and beautiful beaches! Lovely yoga instructor to tip it off!

    Barking dogs at night from neighbors.

  • Jill Ferrie United Arab Emirates

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Yoga teacher, vibes, spiritual aspect, relaxing surroundings.

  • Alice United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had a great weekend retreat in Norfolk. I think it was good value for money: the highlights were our amazing yoga teacher, Chetana. Many of us felt very lucky to have her as she 'lives and breathes' yoga and incorporated the spiritual elements of the practice which we wouldn't normally benefit from in a weekly one-hour yoga class. So that was a real pleasure, and she was so attentive to each individual. A wonderful teacher!I very much enjoyed my hot stone massage with Lucy, who was excellent. The main complaint I have, which others shared with me, was that the retreat advertised a trip to the beach and to the local fort. But there is no way you can participate in these if you have been scheduled for the earliest treatment at 3:30 p.m. I was one of such, but the only one in my yoga group, so I was sad to not be able to join them at the beach (it wouldn't be fair to make one car return early just because of my early treatment time). It turned out that the earliest returnees got back at 4:30 p.m. as the beach is at least 45 minutes drive away with the traffic (advertised as half an hour) and some people ended up missing even later treatments because of this schedule clash. I personally managed to join the other yoga group at the fort, but even that was rushed and I had to march back to the center to be in time- not very relaxing. This scheduling really needs rethinking as many people found this unfair when the trips were advertised elements of the program.Anyway, I only wish for this retreat to be even better for the next guests, as everyone had such a good time overall. The food was wonderful and plentiful, very nourishing, and the chefs were lovely too. The wraps for a packed lunch were a good idea. The yoga was fantastic, the teachers and therapists were wonderful, and the center and its grounds beautiful, so I would really recommend it to others. The Kirtan chanting, group healing and 'trance dance' were wonderful additional elements.

Testimonials 8

  • Claire United Kingdom

    Adventure Yogi website

    A relaxing and nourishing retreat for the body and soul in the heart of the countryside. I arrived feeling frazzled and left at the end of the weekend feeling more relaxed than i have felt in ages.The delicious home cooked vegetarian food, relaxing and restoring yoga, massages, walks, time to just sit and relax combined to make a truly wonderful weekend. The yoga instruction was excellent and suitable for all levels of experience. The setting was beautiful and the accommodation perfect. I will definitely return.

  • Lindsay

    Adventure Yogi website

    Stunning location, amazing little areas, the nook, outdoor kitchen Im coming back for the tree house! Katherine was a fantastic teacher and the fire space was perfect. The info before the weekend was fantastic, the correspondence friendly and the weekend very well organized. Wonderful weekend of bliss, Thank you!

  • Martin

    Adventure Yogi website

    I wanted a weekend that took me out of myself and provided some relaxation and a focus on health and spirit. I left feeling happy and a bit cherished too, which was very welcome! Delicious food, warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

  • Andrea United Kingdom

    Adventure Yogi website

    AdventureYogi ran a glorious winter yoga retreat at a Norfolk area old historic manor. The yoga was patient, calm and yet a healthy challenge for all levels. Food was healthy, tasty and plentiful. The full AdventureYogi team made it a wonderful break from a hectic life in London. Thanks Ladies!

  • Alexie United Kingdom

    Adventure Yogi website

    Magical garden, beautiful main house. Adventure Yogi is exactly what it says on the tin. Adventurous spirit and yogi level yoga, perfect for some healthy, holistic escapism and head space - a must try!

  • Viv

    Adventure Yogi website

    I have fallen in love with Sri Lanka and cannot pick one single fault in the accommodation; it was 5 star in every single way. I was in my element with the food - curry for breakfast! it all exceeded my expectations... the food, the rooms, the yoga, and the little touches like the flowers on the sun beds and the bell on the gate made it very special.

  • Vicky

    Adventure Yogi website

    Excellent location, superb food, and wonderful yoga. Such a friendly, helpful group of organizer. I felt 100% better, reergenized, and healed - body, mind, and spirit.

  • Claire

    Adventure Yogi website

    It exceeded my expectations! I feel so grounded and calm. It was a good quality retreat and so tranquil and calm and it is a beautiful venue, very comfortable and loved the pool especially!

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