Taghazout, Morocco

With over 10 years experience, AdventureKeys Taghazout provides exceptional budget surf holidays with coaching for all surf levels.

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Good 7/10

Based on 23 reviews

Reviews 23

  • Iryna Sergiyenko Ukraine

    January 2018, BookSurfCamps

    - staff! Friendly and helpful

    - accommodation is good, as is location. Pretty view of the ocean and village!

    - yoga instructor is really good!

    - good equipment

    - trip to Paradise valley!

    - surfing daily

    - wifi available in rooms and common area

    - will arrange trips to Agadir for free of you want!

    - nothing is on time except meals

    - meal menu needs to be diversified

    - not all instructors are good at teaching surfing

    - all-included package has only two yoga lessons included (more can be included but you have to tell them)

    - booking it from this website I thought it was a yoga retreat with some surfing on the side. Not so! It's a surfing camp with some yoga in the side

  • Tom Till Great Britain

    January 2018, BookSurfCamps

    the people i stayed with were great, the weather etc, the yoga was dissapointing as nobody seemed to know when it was happening and i only had 1 session by accident/luck

    the meeting at the bus stop wasnt great, i got a taxi to the bus stop thinking someone would be there, i ended up waiting for an hour and a half when if known no-one was there i would of stayed in the taxi to the location. Nobody really seemed to know when the yoga was happening, i thought it was everyday but i only had 1 opportunity totally by luck being in the right place at the right time. I still had a good time, just feel expectaions couldve been handled better

  • Maggie J Great Britain

    December 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Paradise valley (destroyed by graffiti).

    Trip to souk (mostly everything is made in china).

    Horse riding on the beach.

    Nice people staying at the adventurekeys.

    Local oranges and avocados.

    Most of the staff is friendly and warm.

    I wanted to check out immediately after arrival because of poor conditions, stressful and dirty environment. They hold you hostage by taking your passport. Not providing any cancellation policy or allowing you to leave, at last they gave me a print out from a different company webpage with a different name, which I don't even know if it is LEGAL??. They allow guests to smoke hash and drink heavy alcohol in common areas!!!. No hot water. Barely any wifi. NO DOORS TO THE SHOWER, allowing people from the street to directly enter the bathroom. Shower itself only had a curtain. Absolute madness! Dirt and cockroaches everywhere. Overcooked and unhealthy food. Stressful environment, unprofessional management. No yoga, just regular stretching. The surfing instructor teaches 20 people at once. Leaving little space for improvement. Should absolutely not be allowed to be advertised on a page like this. It has nothing do to with relaxation. It is purely a hostel for people who want to surf and get wasted, sleep in dirty dorms and shower under cold water. Been on cleaner hostels in India for £5 a night. Would never recommend, especially with the poor performance from the management (Rubal) not replying to me at all but letting other guests to check out earlier because they too were extremely unsatisfied with the situation. Came home more stressed then upon arrival. Waste of hard earned money.

  • Anonymous

    December 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Easy going people, great surf instructors, pleasurable time surfing.

    Not enough yoga

  • Cristiana Ferradaz Portugal

    December 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The people there! Is the best thing :) and of course the rooftop w/ the ocean view :)

    Always waiting for something (but it’s marroco it’s okay :D)

    The food could be better at lunch because it’s almost always bread

  • Daniela Fischlin León Great Britain

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I liked the surf lessons and the food. Yoga was good too!

    Thanks to the hostel-costomers we knew what was when and were. Some information were missing during our stay, so we were confused a lot about what is when. Or if its happening (like going out in Agadir - which did not happen). But the owner helped us a lot as well.

  • Roan Du Plessis Spanish State

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps


    People are amazing - all of the staff are great.


  • Fanny Finnsson Sweden

    November 2017, BookSurfCamps

    The common spaces such as the roof terrace and living room was great! The terrace had a fantastic oceanview! We especially enjoyed it during our air yoga-session in the sunset and later in the evening enjoying a beer looking at the nightlights of the small city.

    The "living room" had a lot of places to sit and a foosball-and pooltable.

    The employees of the camp was friendly and since we were just a small group from the beginning (me and my friend and two others) we got a lot of time with the instructors our first two days of surflessons, which was great! But we had more fun later on (especially inbetween the surflessons) when more people joined our surfgroup. We were like 15 people in the end.

    We liked the food. Maybe a bit too much carbs though and the amount of food for dinner was a bit small but overall it was good. Especially when we got pancakes for breakfast and that night we had barbeque. And we always got fruit to the lunch! ?

    We also loved the music our surfinstructor Abdullah played in the van on our way to the beach every morning ?

    We arrived to Agadir late in the evening and were picked up at the airport, which was great BUT the driver didn't speak much english so we got no info about the next days schedule or anything so we went to bed feeling a bit insecure and uncomfortable. We ran into the manager the morning after and he gave us the info we asked for but of course our first impression was a bit damaged.

    We had a private bedroom. It was clean and had purple walls and nice pictures on the walls but a bit torn and simple furnitures. But it was totally fine! The common bathroom was a bit dirty and raggedy though and the water in the shower ran badly.

    The activities in the evenings was a bit loose arranged so the cohesion of the surfgroup is very important. What people you end up with is therefor a deal-breaker.

    Something to think about is that it is not possible to buy alcohol in Tagazout. We didn't really party that much except for one night thursday when we went out. But mostly we had like one or two beers in the evenings, just talking and playing games. If you want alcohol buy it in Agadir. We had to take a taxi to do that.

    Overall we are very pleased with our stay at Adventure keys! It really grew on us and when the last day came we didn't want to leave. We could defintely go back and do it all over again!

    It wasn't perfect but good enough! And a great value for the money! Just do it!

  • Petya Dimitrova Denmark

    October 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Everything was great, all the staff at Adventurekeys are super friendly and helpful. I totally loved the rooftop terrace and could not miss a night observing the stars and ocean from there. The location is great. Taghazout is a small village that I fell in love with, and it is so easy to get around there from the hostel. Food was good. The surf lessons were a lot of fun, the instructors are great and very patient :)

    I would definitely like and hope to go back there. Strongly recommend it!

    The bathroom facilities could be improved.

  • Olivia Rawlinson Great Britain

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Very relaxed and loads of time at the beach to get stuck into surfing. Good atmosphere in the hostel. Extremely good food in the evenings

  • Tiffany Justine Erndwein Morocco

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    Very good foot

    very nice people

    I had a lot of fun

  • Michele Carretti Republic of Italy

    September 2017, BookSurfCamps

    I had a great time in Taghazout with Adventurekeys. Cozy place, good food and very lovely environment. Staff is very kind and helpful, they have been fundamental to make my stay more comfortable. Best value for money! Highly recommended!

  • Keyla Salas Gilmartin Spanish State

    July 2017, BookSurfCamps

    We loved the staff they helped us with everthing, the surfing was awsome and we enjoyed the yoga clases!!

    Testimonials 11

    • a surfer Argentina

      Trip Advisor website

      I really enjoyed my stay at AdventureKeys. They are located a two-minute walk from the main road with three kiosks within a 30 second walk, a small grocery store within 2 min, and lots of restaurants and fresh juice places just on the main road. We were there at the beginning of September, just before the surf season started, so the hostel was pretty quiet. They didn't have most of their extra things available, like the jacuzzi or yoga, which it would have been nice to have been told beforehand, however, we did get an off-season discount, so it wasn't a big surprise. I loved how chilled-out the place was and how laid-back the staff. The rooftop is fantastic: you can see the coast all the way down to Devil's Rock, and it's a nice place to play pool or darts, watch a movie or tap away at your phone (as the kids do these days). The full-board deal is decent; you can't go wrong with the price, but it was a good variety of local specialties prepared by the nice ladies there (who even cooked for us to pick up from their homes over Eid). We requested vegetarian, and vegetarian is what we got. As for beds, my friend's was good, but mine wasn't great. I have a bad back though. I had a great time at AdventureKeys and hope to get back there sometime. They made us feel like part of the family.

    • a surfer Spain

      Trip Advisor website

      We had a great time in Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf Camp! We stayed there for three nights, had two very fun days of surfing pitched at our level, and a different and delicious breakfast every single day! I arrived not feeling well and the staff there were very sweet at looking after me. If you want a chilled holiday, some surfing, and a chance to escape the buzz of the big cities, I would strongly recommend this place!

    • a surfer Vietnam

      Trip Advisor website

      This was my first time going to Marocco. I went by myself as a girl and it was perfectly fine. I never had any surf lessons before so I went for a 7 day surf trip. The teacher was really nice and I fell in love with surfing!! Staying in the hostel was really good. Everybody working there was really nice. The food was really good as well :-). I would definitely stay here again.

    • Traveler

      TripAdvisor site

      The staff is very friendly and helpful. The place is really well located and rooms & bathrooms are cleaned. Quality and quantity of food are perfect. I had a very nice time in this place, surf instructor as well as all staff members have been really kind, friendly and funny. I recommend this place

    • Stanley Darwinson Australia

      Trip advisor website

      Shout out to team MSA! Momo for great history, culture, cooking lessons and absolutely knockout punch dinners! Scott for expert feedback and tips in the surf (and on land training) and not to mention Braheim and rest of the crack MSA crew. Guests were a chill bunch and absolutely comfortable to hang around with too. Will surely be back for follow up therapy. :)

    • Joo F Estonia

      Trip Advisor website

      The guys at the hostel were super friendly and very helpful, one of the things that made me change my stay from 4 days to almost two weeks. The food was good, just remember to be on time for dinner because sometimes the hunger is too much and the food was over after a while. There was no hot water a couple of times but it was not an issue for me. I chose the all-included package and that is by far the best choice I have done. There were no worries, no stress, just surfing. The terrace was a good place to chill and enjoy a good conversation with other travelers. I will certainly visit Adventurekeys again.

    • Jen I Australia

      Trip Advisor website

      It is a great atmosphere. The people and staff are all super friendly and relaxed and the view from the rooftop is superb! I have been traveling with two girlfriends and we shared a double room with plenty of space for the three of us. It was comfy and clean with big windows overlooking the bay and Taghazout. The food is healthy in traditional Moroccan style and gets served on the big roof terrace. I do not know what else to say but if you visit Taghazout, are into surfing and are looking for a good time with amazing people, this is your place to go!

    • Milo P

      Trip Advisor website

      I am very enthusiastic about this hostel. The rooms are nice. They offer many different packages and it is possible to mix and match so you can book the perfect surf trip. The surf instructor, Abdul, spoke English perfectly and provided excellent lessons. The material is good and there is a wide range of locations to surf around, even in the summer. The atmosphere is relaxed and the food is excellent. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a good surf trip near Agadir!

    • Karim H Lebanon

      Trip Advisor website

      I had planned to stay in Taghazout for 2 nights, but ended up staying for 8 nights because of this hostel. This place has all what backpackers are looking for: really friendly and helpful staff, a quaint common room and a rooftop where you can chill after a long day of surfing, great surfing deals, a good price, and the fact that this hostel always provides a plan for the night like a night out, the bonfire by the beach; and for the day, such as excursions to Paradise Valley and obviously, surfing. This hostel brings people together.

    • Karen M Florida

      Trip Advisor website

      A lot of fun backpackers come through here. I booked the all-inclusive package but I recommend paying for surf lessons if you stay for an extended period of time. I was there for two weeks. There were many days that I did not go out and surf even though I already paid for it. They will take you to various surf spots depending on what is working. Most people that come here for lessons are beginners. Cooking done by the ladies is fantastic and hanging out at the rooftop terrace is a lot of fun. There are chances to head into the Souk for shopping, to Agadir for a night out, or to Paradise Valley to break up the surf adventures. Taghazout has a laid-back vibe, which is calmer than the chaotic Marrakech.

    • a traveler Austria

      Trip Advisor website

      It is a great price for much value. We stayed at this hostel for 4 nights. The first double private room had no outside window but one to the staircase side, so the first night was a little bit noisy. It was no problem to change the room on the next day. Everything went fine from now on. The manager, Hamid, is one of the nicest people I met in Morocco. He cares about you and your problems and gives you the feeling to be a part of the family. The Moroccan-style dinner is very delicious and gets served on the nice terrace everyday. The accommodation is not the newest but it is clean and you pay a very fair price for it. There are many famous surf spots nearby. The staff would guide you for a cheap price. Overall, it was a great stay which I do not regret.

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