7 Waves Surf Hostel

7 Waves Surf Hostel is a beach hostel in Costa da Caparica, Portugal. They provide amazing surfing classes on uncrowded beach and day tour around Lisbon area.

Instructors 1

Ricardo Carmona

Ricardo is a Portuguese surf teacher, painter, graffiti and tattoo artist who loves to cook. He speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. Also, he received over 140 positive reviews from his days as a couch-surfing host, and has always dreamed of opening a surf hostel like this one. Ricardo started surfing at 10 years old in Lisbon and travelled around the world for 6 years teaching surfing for fun. After coming home, teaching surfing became a living. Moreover, Ricardo has been teaching surfing in the Lisbon area for 10 years and is passionate about his craft.

Reviews 23

Victoria Daughtrey

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Best Hostel & Surfing Experience Possible"

Everything about this experience was wonderful. Ricardo goes the extra mile in every way to make his guests feel welcome. He embodies the welcoming spirit of the Portuguese people, and is incredibly kind and generous. Surf classes were great, and the hostel was one of the best I've stayed at, ever. Booking this trip was one of the best decisions I've ever made - can't recommend it enough!

Tarun Singh

from Great Britain, February 2018


This has been the most memorable experience I have had to date, I came with little experience and left with such a nostalgic pang deep inside that I just couldnt bear to leave... I swear I couldnt make this up! It was one of the most amazing times ive had.... the tuition was second to none and Ricardo and Arie were real experts in this field!

All the staff were so helpful and bent over backwards to accomodate me... so mucy fun was had!

I WILL be back that is for sure!

Alina Krot

from Belarus, February 2018

"wonderful place with great atmosphere!"

I really liked the location and people who were working there as well as other guests who were there at the same time with me!

Wonderful beach very close to Hostel!

And all the atmosphere which everything and everybody around create!

hope this review help people to make the right choice for their holidays as everybody else's review helped me!


from Belgium, November 2017

Joris and Julius were amazing!

Beautifull house and private beach, but alienated from the viving village of surfersparadise.


from Sweden, November 2017

"Ok - but not much instruction. "

It's cheap and fairly laid back. The complimentary mountain bikes proved a great way to get to and around Lisbon - what an amazing city.


from Switzerland, October 2017

"Very nice hostel"

many sitting and chillout areas all over the hostel


from Great Britain, September 2017

My instructor was goncola but he's not on the list.

Juan Martin

from Spanish State, September 2017

"Bad surf lessons."

The facilities are good and clean. There are activities you can join as parties on the beach, bonfires. You can take your pet with you. International atmosphere in the hostel.


from Spanish State, August 2017

"Great place, great people"

The place and the people we met there were extraordinary. You could hang out everywhere (swimming pool, hammocks, sofas...) and talk to really interesting and friendly people from all around the world. I will never forget them and the experience. I want to go back already.

Riccardo Colasuonno

from Republic of Italy, August 2017

"First experience learning how to surf in a surf camp"

I early appreciated the warm hospitality . staff is very friendly so nice and funny , i felt like in a big family. They teach how to surf very good and impart to me the passion for this sport. I had a great unforgetable experience and i would like to come back . Thank you BookSurfCamp and thank you "7 waves".


from Spanish State, August 2017

"Low price, low quality"

The hostel is very cool: bbq, swimming pool (but not too clean), well decorated...The installations are just perfect to create the proper atmosphere to surf. The Wednesday party in the beach was just awesome.


from Spanish State, August 2017

"Nice facilities, lack of qualified staff"

The facilities, the proximity to the beach, the beach party, the people I have met, the price, the bikes to move arround.

Megan Tinsley

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Great escape "

The neighbourhood is quiet but close to grocery shops and an easy walk to the town centre. Ricardo keeps the vibe of the place very chilled and a great place to relax. It was clean and comfortable beds.


from Republic of Italy, August 2017

"Amazing hostel with a few adjustmets required."

Location was awesome, very close to the beach, and hostel was nice, peaceful and charming. The perfect location for surfing and still being able to reach Lisbon in a reasonable time.

Liya Mukhamedova

from Czechia, August 2017

One of the best places I ever been. Also it is a great place to learn how to surf. Atmosphere in the Hostel is incredible.

It were not just a weekends in the hostel near the ocean, but the full journey with sooooo much fun.

Testimonials 3

Na Di A

7 Waves Surf Hostel Facebook page

I had an awesome time at this surfing spot! It was my first surfing experience and Ricardo and Adriano are really good teachers :) everybody is so nice here and makes you feel at home! I will definitely come back!! <3 I really recommend this hostel for everyone visiting Portugal!

Aimée Artémis Kouyoumdjian France

7 Waves Surf Hostel Facebook page

I had my first surfing experience with Ricardo, while I was offered a couch at his place when visiting Lisbon for the first time. So, a lot of first times but more importantly great times! Concerning the surf lessons, I felt confident in the water with the surfboard because of the constant supervision of Ricardo and his encouragements. I gladly recommend the services that he his offering because of the passion he has for sharing them with his visitors.

Lay Nh United States

7 Waves Surf Hostel Facebook page

I'm one of those Asians that don't know how to swim, let alone surf. But Ricardo encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. I did And it was the best decision I've ever made! Instead of fearing the waves and the ocean I now embrace them wholeheartedly. The most important thing that some instructors failed to do is calming and encouraging you. This is critical because You cannot swim or float if there's fear in your mind.

He is professional and super patient!!! I did not feel like it was a "class" bcuz I had so much fun learning it. He taught step by step and it was more fun than anything else. He really pushes you to achieve more than you think you can. After an hour or so I finally did it, I swam! I felt so proud of myself!!! Then I got on the surf board, with his help I was able to slide through the water and the feeling was amazing; it feels fun and FREE! It's Like skating on water.

You have to believe in yourself and believe in him as an instructor. Then you will be able to achieve something you thought you could never done!

I highly recommend booking a swimming/surfing class or a tour with 7Waves! You'll have the best time of your life because it brings back that childhood expeience. Lots of fun in the sun. ☀️

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